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fabfemmeboy @ 02:36 pm: 274 words
TITLE: Out with the Old
RATING: PG-13ish, McMeredith
SUMMARY: “Walk on Water 2” drabble
DISCLAIMERS: I don't own them. Please don't sue.

At some point during the wait, he tilted his head in Mark's direction and said, “I need a new scrub cap.”

Actually, he needed a new set of scrub caps. Unlike Burke or Addison who had several patterns, he tended to find one he liked and get two or three identical. No specific reason, he just liked it that way.

When he'd left New York without so much as a toothbrush, he'd needed to buy a new set. Not only did he not want to call his philandering wife to ask her to ship them to Seattle, but he seemed to remember her picking them out. Blue with stars on it. She liked how it went with his eyes.

So he bought a new set when he got to Seattle. After all, he had a thing for ferry boats, he was starting a new chapter, that called for new scrub caps with boats on them.

He didn't have such a thing for ferry boats anymore. He wasn't sure what he wanted on the new caps, but he was pretty sure it shouldn't be something that had killed Meredith.

Had almost killed Meredith. Had maybe killed Meredith.

Mark squeezed his hand just a little. “We'll get you a new cap.” It was patronizing, sure, but what else was a former best friend supposed to say at a time like this?

Maybe something with fishing this time. Or plain. He could live with plain. He wasn't a fan of the big abstract designs like Addison, and he wasn't into music like Burke, and he'd always secretly found the Chief's sunflower cap a little silly.

Maybe Meredith could help him pick it out.

He held onto that thought and went back to staring.


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Date:February 17th, 2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
I like this. The stream of consciousness works very well.
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