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zanra @ 10:02 pm: a bunch
Title(s): Drive
Rating: all PG
Word Count way too many

These are all ridiculous drabbles and I feel funny right now. Read or don’t read, whatever. None of them hit the mark... Ha ha oh well.

1. Cristina

It’s like, am-something at night and there are deer stalking them and Cristina can’t figure out how to turn on the highbeams to Burke’s car and it’s freaking her out.

"I can’t figure out how to turn on your highbeams," Cristina says.

Burke moans a little and says something about fish and how he doesn’t like to step on them.

"Well, okay, but I’m probably going to drive off a bridge or something." She turns. Burke is an idiot. She can’t see the road at all. "In your car," she reiterates. "That you threw up in."

"And don’t hurt the fish."

Cristina can’t figure out what went wrong with the world.

2. George

O’Malley is never going to get out.

There are three cars behind him, all lined up politely and keeping appropriate distance from the car in front so as not to look squished. He glances at them in his rearview mirror.

O’Malley is never going to get out.

It isn’t his fault that it’s exactly seven forty-eight in the morning, the time everyone knows is the worst possible time for traffic and for getting anywhere. George taps his fingers on the top of the steering wheel, and turns off the music. It really isn’t his fault.

Wal-mart needs their bookshelf kits and the UPS guys aren’t paid to let poor little nervous timid losers like him out in front of them where they won’t even be able to see him, and run him over like an ant. It’s actually for his own good.

O’Malley is never going to get out.

3. Derek

Derek should pay more attention when he drives, Meredith thinks. Some maniac up on the roof with a hacksaw should reach in and pull his radio out, or remove the cinderblock wrapped with a whole wad of duck tape to the top of his foot, so that she can relax and close her eyes and maybe even get a little sleep, and not be afraid of flying out the window every time he makes a turn.

It really, really shouldn’t be raining when Derek has to drive. Driving should not be such a grand opportunity for perpetual moping. They shouldn’t be in the city. They shouldn’t be stuck in traffic. It shouldn’t be seven o’clock, either, but who put Meredith and Derek in charge?

"Derek," Meredith says, in a drowning whisper.

4. Izzie

"I don’t want to hear it!" proclaims Izzie Stevens, who’s had it up to here and won’t take it anymore – she is driving, you know.

Alex goes to say something and Stevens makes an unnecessarily wild turn down a street she wasn’t even planning on going down.

"You’re going the… wrong way."

"I don’t want to hear it!"

"Yeah? Well, okay. But you know this now classifies as abduction."

"Oh, please. Who’s going to believe you?"

Alex scratches the back of his head. "Well, I – "

"I don’t want to hear it," says Izzie. There’s a bar up the street, thank God. All she has to do is make it there, and with luck, she won’t have to think about anything until tomorrow. Or the day after.

5. Burke

There’s something pristinely beautiful about car commercials.

Burke thinks about driving in a car commercial every single time he turns the key, puts his foot to the gas. When he turns he does it as if everyone’s watching him, and he imagines dark and vibrant reflections running down the side of the car, and he lines himself up for the new lane just like he lined himself up for the finishing gate when he played frogger, years ago. It really isn’t that different, he nods to himself. It’s about precision and -- dare he say it, style. (But he’s never going to call driving ‘stylish’, not in a million years.)

"Thinking about something deep again, I can tell," Cristina comments affectionately. Burke blushes and ruins the entire effect.

6. Meredith

"The light is green. The light has been green for about twenty million years, and pretty soon it is going to turn yellow. And when it turns yellow, you’re going to roll slowly through and I’m not going to make it. And I’m going to have to wait a whole ‘nother light circle."

Meredith adjusts her mirror and runs a finger through her hair.

"I’m going to be late for work. With any luck I am going to get there before tomorrow, if I even make it there at all. Thank goodness it was raining yesterday; otherwise I wouldn’t get the chance to surprise myself by stepping in miniature lakes I’m going to find all over the parking lot. It’s a good thing I don’t save lives for a living, otherwise my situation might be serious. Oh, for the love of God!"

The newly turned red light glares down at her, and Meredith isn’t afraid to talk to it. She isn’t afraid to talk to herself, after all, whenever she feels like it.

"Oh, dear," Meredith sighs. She leans back wearily.

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Date:March 3rd, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
I love these.
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