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Grey's Anatomy Drabbles

a few words can change everything

Grey's Anatomy Drabble Community
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This is a weekly drabble challenge community for the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.

The community will run the same as most the weekly drabble challenge communities on LiveJournal.

On Monday, a challenge will be posted. Everyone has until the following Monday to post their responses.

Ideally, drabbles are 100 words long, but a few words either way aren't a big deal.

For every 100-word drabble you write, you may give a "cookie" to your favorite character. At the end of the week, the cookies are tallied, and the winner is announced in the next challenge post. It's silly but fun.

The most important rule, for the sake of anyone who has the community on their friends list, is that every post must contain a drabble. Any other information you wish to convey can be tacked onto the end of a drabble post.

If the need arises to make new rules later on, they'll be made. For now, we'll keep it casual.

Any questions or comments can be directed to the moderator (minttown1) at minttown1@livejournal.com.

Have fun. :)